Chad Dumbleton

Personal Lines Account Executive
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What is your role with The Seltzer Group?:
I’m a Personal Lines Account Executive and I help introduce new clients to The Seltzer Group. I review, advise, and help clients protect what is most important to them by giving them the best insurance programs available.

What types of industries/ risks are you particularly interested in or have special expertise in working with?:
I enjoy working with individuals or families on making certain that they have the protection they need. I specialize in all types of personal insurance including Home, Auto, Umbrella, and Life.

Why do you like working with those types of industries/risks what kind of background do you have that gives you that expertise?:
I have been working in the industry as an independent agent with The Seltzer Group for four years, so I often come across people who have insufficient coverage, and they are paying an arm and a leg for it. The best part of my job is when I help someone come to the realization that their coverage wasn’t fully protecting them, and now I’ve helped them change that, so they can have true peace of mind. When it is an eye-opening or mind-blowing experience, that is especially rewarding.

What are your goals for yours clients/ your relationship with them?:
Insurance is about more than just taking 15 minutes to save money, but to be prepared for the big life changes and the unexpected challenges that happen. The more I can get to know my clients, the better I can achieve my goal.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about yourself?
My wife and I are getting ready to find a home and start a family. We enjoy fishing, hiking, taking our dog for walks, and getting together with our family and friends.

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