Eric Fryer, CIC, PWCA

Account Executive
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What is your role with The Seltzer Group?
I’m an Account Executive director for The Seltzer Group. As a Producer, I am responsible for prospecting, soliciting, quoting, and selling risk management programs to new clients. I am responsible for continuing to advise existing clients with new products and markets to enhance their insurance program.

What types of industries are you particularly interested in or have special expertise in working with?
I enjoy working with Emergency Services Organizations. Many of these organizations are volunteers and I like to serve individuals who risk their lives for our community.

I also enjoy working with Manufacturers because they have created a unique process that allows them to create new and fascinating products.

Why do you like working with those types of industries/ what kind of background do you have that gives you that expertise?
I feel like we’re giving back to the community as an organization when we are helping non-profits. I am also intrigued to learn about concepts and processes that go into developing the products from manufacturers. Expertise would just be experience writing accounts in the past.

What are your goals for your clients/ you relationship with them?
My goal is to help my clients alleviate exposures that could be crippling to their business and guide them allocate their insurance dollars to more useful places. I’d like for all clients to know exactly what our organization stands for and what I am here to do for them.

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