Michael E. Bulino

Commercial Insurance Agent

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What is your role with The Seltzer Group?
The commercial insurance agent helps business owners understand the liabilities that accompany the operation of that business and provide solutions to protect their tangible assets and financial security from those liabilities.

What industries do you have specific interest or special expertise?
My specific industry interest includes:

  • transportation
  • mining/excavation
  • public entity
  • industrial manufacturing

What education, experience or accomplishments developed that expertise?
I am a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering and a minor in Political Science. After graduation I accepted a position as a design mining engineer with the Republic Steel Corp, Coal Mining Division and later acquired the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Underground Mine Forman Certification. Underground Mining incorporates every aspect of manufacturing, fabrication and coordination of industrial applications. My next experience was operating an underground anthracite coal mine as an owner /operator where I gained further knowledge beyond production. Hiring, sales, permits and day to day customer demands were my main duties in that business. I also acquired a commercial driver license to conduct the delivery associated with the coal mining operations. My public entity interest arose from the many projects involving the federal, state, and local political entities. Applying for mining permits, acquiring a CDL from the Department of Transportation, filing the necessary reports for the truck operations, filing tax reports, dealing with School Boards as a High School coach. All these exposures provide an awareness of what is going on within the business and how to carry on a legitimate conversation with a business owner. Understanding the distraction that overshadow the business liabilities that are sometimes hidden allow me to have the patience to listen and offer recommendations that will gain their attention and lead to a trusted advisor status.

What goals do you have that will help your clients?
The best goal I can pursue to help my clients is maintain an open and constant conversation, so that I can continue to provide the best protection as their business grows. Growth will always develop new challenges and exposures that can result in unanticipated financial loss if it is not brought to our attention. Therefore, a trusted advisor must be aware of the changes that need to be addressed.

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