Patrick J. Leitzel

Commercial Lines Account Executive
888.366.1000 x233
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What is your role with The Seltzer Group?
I am a Commercial Lines Account Executive for The Seltzer Group. I work with current and prospective clients to ensure their business is protected and that they feel secure when they open up in the morning and when they lock up at night.

What types of industries are you particularly interested in or have special expertise in working with?
Industries I work with are Auto Repair Garages and Manufacturing, as well as many others.

Assisted Living Centers has been a recent focus of mine after finding that many have claim issues that are contributing to their rising costs.

Why do you like working with those types of industries/ what kind of background do you have that gives you that expertise?
Auto Repair Garages are a tight community and it is a pleasure to get to know them and work with them. Manufacturing is always an enjoyable experience because you get to learn the ins and outs of how something is actually made and produced. Each company is unique and has their own set of challenges. I enjoy working with them to find them the best possible outcome from their insurance program.

What are your goals for your clients/ your relationship with them?
My goal is for my clients to see me as employee, as someone on their staff, not just their insurance provider. I am there as a risk management advisor and want to be a part of their team to help them succeed.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about yourself?
My wife and I live in Orwigsburg, PA and currently have our first child on the way. In our free time, we enjoy hiking at different spots all around the state. When I get some time to myself, I am usually hunting (archery & rifle), trying to fix or better something around the house, reading, or painting. I am also a huge Star Wars fan.

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