What is your role with The Seltzer Group?

In my role here at The Seltzer Group, I am a Senior Vice President where I focus on the operational efficiencies of the agency.  Some of my duties include leading our Administration, Finance and Marketing teams.  I have always enjoyed making sure the carriers we work with deliver on the promise to our clients.      

What types of industries are you particularly interested in or have special expertise in working with?

Since I started my career in Personal Insurance just about 20 years ago, it is still near and dear to me today.  As time has marched on, I’ve had the opportunity to help acquire 5 insurance agencies in 2 years. I see myself continuing to help grow the agency this way along with looking for talent that can carry the agency well past my time.

What are your goals for yours clients/ your relationship with them?

I have always slept better at night knowing we did the proper job for our clients.  Unfortunately, we’ve seen it too many times where our competition does not protect clients properly.  It gives me a great sense of pride knowing we have their financial interests in mind. 

Is there anything else you’d like to share about yourself?

I live with my wife, 2 daughters, along with our dogs Marley, Chase, Lucy, and Linus at Lake Wynonah. I enjoy the sun, sand, warmth, and the water!

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