Stephen McGorry

Commercial Lines Account Executive
888-366-1000 ext 234

What is your role with The Seltzer Group?:
I am a Commercial Lines Account Executive for the Seltzer Group. I am the face of our organization with our commercial lines customers and their direct contact for assessing the changing needs of their business. I work with customers to integrate unique solutions and policies into their business practice, as well as assess their unique risks and uncover landmines.

What types of industries are you particularly interested in have special expertise in working with?:
I am an educator, first and foremost; as a certified teacher in the state of PA I enjoy working with educators in schools, early childhood education centers, and social service agencies. My education background has also served me well with developing a passion for working with engineers, environmental consultants, and architects and the unique challenges that they face in their world of contracts and professional liability.

Why do you like working with those types of industries/ what kind of background do you have that gives you that expertise?:
I am currently finishing my M.Ed. in curriculum development; my background in education allows me an insight into the roles and procedures of the educational environment so that I may bring resources to these folks.

I enjoy working with people who care about others and working for a common goal. I believe that the people in both of these industries are smart, courteous, and seeking professional guidance and I aim to find answers and resources for those individuals.

What are your goals for your clients/ your relationship with them?:
My goal is to understand as may of the facets of my clients’ business practices that I can so that I may provide them with the best support and resources available. I want to be a partner in their business practice and help them to uncover hidden landmines and help them to make informed decisions for their business, including insurance policies.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about yourself?
I am a proud and involved father of two little boys, with a daughter on the way. My wife and I love to spend time as a family with activities including playing musical instruments, reading books, playing board games, and outdoor play.

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