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The Future of The Seltzer Group

By January 9, 2017August 7th, 2019Agency News

As you all know, we suffered a devastating loss with the loss of Robert Seltzer on December 26, 2016. He was such an important part of our organization and we will always be grateful for the dedication he had to The Seltzer Group, its employees and clients. We remember his contribution to The Seltzer Group and look to his vision for the future as we continue to grow.

As the great risk manager he was, Bob planned for his eventual departure from the business. He specified the importance for The Seltzer Group to continue on and put a plan in place for a smooth, successful transition in his absence. The Seltzer Group has always been committed to perpetuating from within and being locally owned and operated- this has not changed.

On January 4, 2017 our Board of Directors appointed Steven Stramara President of The Seltzer Group. Steve has been an integral part of The Seltzer Group since 1989. He has served as Senior Vice President for many years and has worked alongside Bob and the rest of the executive team to build the agency into what it is today. Steve is honored to take on the responsibility this position entails and is committed, as always, to the employees and clients of The Seltzer Group. His goal is to grow and strengthen the agency, leading the organization to a bright future.

In addition, Peter Krammes will be assuming the role of Senior Vice President of Operations and Finance of The Seltzer Group. Pete has been an important member of the agency since 1999. He has served as Vice President of Personal Lines for 11 years and has been active on the executive team since 2006. Pete is also honored to take on this responsibility and is dedicated to the success of the agency.

Steve and Pete will continue the tradition Bob helped to build and are proud to carry on the strength of the agency into the future.

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