Stephen McGorry

Stephen McGorry

Commercial Lines Account Executive
888-366-1000 ext. 234

Stephen McGorry is a Commercial Lines Account Executive with The Seltzer Group, and while he is someone in our organization that works directly with many commercial customers, he enjoys focusing much of his time aiding early education centers, social service agencies and educators in schools. His passion is derived from his educational background – working formerly as an educator and certified teacher in the state of PA and presently pursuing his M.Ed. His background serves him well in not only working with educators, but also in industries which range from engineering, environmental and architecture in their world of contracts and professional liability.

Stephen enjoys working with individuals who care about others and work towards a common goal. He aims to understand as many facets of his client’s business practices as possible so that he can provide them with the best support and resources available. He strives to be a partner in their business practice and helps them to uncover hidden landmines and assist with making informed decisions for their business; this methodology educates individuals so that they can make calculated decisions for insurance.

When Stephen is not working, he is immersed with his family: he and his wife have three wonderful children – two sons and a daughter – with whom he enjoys playing music on various instruments, hiking, reading, and embracing a positive attitude on life.

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